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How Much Tax Debt Do People Who Contact An Attorney Generally Owe?

I’ve assisted people with audit notices for as little as $1,500 owed. In many of these smaller cases that I handled, the IRS was incorrect and my client ended up owing zero dollars. I’ve also assisted clients in “tax litigation”, where the IRS claimed they owed millions of dollars. If you are concerned that the IRS is incorrectly claiming that you owe money, or if you just want advice on how to best approach a situation and minimize the damage, then my advice is to consult a tax professional, no matter how small or large the balance is.

How Common Is It For The IRS To Have Discrepancies In Their Records?

The IRS sends out approximately five million correspondence audits a year from the automated underreported unit. These notices will show proposed balances due based upon informational returns, such as W2s or 1099s received from third party sources. Based on those returns, they’ll propose balances. It is not uncommon for people to receive these notices and just pay the balance due without even determining whether or not it is correct. Over the course of my practice years, thousands of these notices have been incorrect and therefore disputable. There is always a built-in time period for these notices to be disputed.

Is Bankruptcy Ever A Good Option To Relieve Tax Debt? Is Tax Debt Even Dischargeable?

Tax debts are usually not dischargeable in bankruptcy because they are considered priority debts. There are certain situations in which they are dischargeable, but these situations are rare. If you are uncertain as to whether or not a tax debt is dischargeable, then you should consult with a tax or bankruptcy attorney.

What Happens If Someone Cannot Resolve Their Tax Debt?

If you don’t resolve your tax debt, then the IRS will proceed with collection action. First they’ll go after what’s easiest for them, which is to levy your wages or your bank accounts. They may even levy retirement accounts and social security. If it’s obviously very egregious, then they might decide to pursue criminal enforcement. I truly believe that there is a solution to almost every tax problem. It may not be a perfect solution, but there are options for any type of situation. If you have a tax issue, it’s very important to consult a professional.

At What Point Should I seek An Attorney’s Services To Help Resolve A Tax Debt?

One problem is that most people don’t know when to seek the help of an attorney in resolving a tax debt. If you are being contacted by the IRS directly or if you have a large tax debt, then I would advise that you seek an attorney for assistance. If you receive something from the IRS, it’s always good to have a professional look at it to see if there is anything that can be done.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Tax Issues For Clients?

Experience, true passion and empathy for my clients are a few of the qualities that set me apart from the rest. I have represented more than a thousand individuals and businesses in audit, collection and tax litigation proceedings with the IRS. I truly care for my clients and I want to minimize their stress while I do my best to obtain the best possible result for them.

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