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Client Testimonials

“Treated very professionally and delivered superior knowledge and support. I felt very comfortable and confident in hiring Arnold. Professional, trustworthy and efficient.”

Sonnie B.

“Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and use Arnold again. Excellent!”

Joey S.

“Attorney van Dyk was thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, and effective. He reduced my liability from over $41,000 to only $1,500. I highly recommend him.”

Chet B.

“Arnold is a true professional. After having a decade’s long IRS tax issue, once I hired Arnold, I knew he was different than the other attorneys I’ve employed in the past for other matters. He’s attentive, responsive, and very carefully guide you through whatever your tax issue is.

I turned to him in an attempt to complete an IRS offer in compromise. He methodically walked me through the process, he explained to me what he needed from me, and then went to work. While my particular case had some complications, he was very knowledgeable about all of the factors that could impact my case, both from a legal stance as well as an IRS negotiation strategy. Once he had what he needed from me, he completed everything we needed to get the process started more quickly than I could have ever thought possible. Once we submitted our documentation, he stayed in contact with both myself and the IRS officers assigned to my case, and I received regular updates as to what was happening, and what to expect next. Throughout this extremely difficult process, Arnold did everything he could to make it manageable. Had my offer not been accepted, while I would have been disappointed, I still would have nothing but praise for Arnold. It was accepted, and I was able to finally put an end to years of worry and settle this massive burden for less than $.02 on the dollar.

With Arnold’s assistance, my family and I can have a fresh start. I can honestly say that calling Arnold for help was the best call I’ve ever made in my entire life. Thank you!”


“Arnold van Dyk helped me with tax matters that I was trying to handle on my own. He is knowledgeable, very well educated on the issue, and was able to assist me to get the best outcome for me based on my situation. I highly recommend him.”

A Satisfied Client

“Great Choice! Arnold gave me great advice, was patient and gave me step by step instructions on what to do. He was right on the dot & saved me so much time. Not only was he professional but, Arnold really cared about my issue and really worked hard to help me come up with a resolution.”

Jennifer M.

“Arnold van Dyk is honest, friendly, and resourceful. I’m so happy and grateful to have him as my general counsel for business and tax strategies. More importantly, I trust him to have my best interests in all matters. Thank you Arnold ;D”

Randy W.

“I was referred to Mr. Arnold van Dyk by a good friend of mine. He worked on my tax problem with IRS for a whole year.

– He told me what he can do.
– He did exactly what he said.
– He updated me on the case regularly.
– It cost me what he said it will cost.

My problem with IRS is gone. I wish all of my legal services were provided the way he does it. He is really good.”

Louis Y.

“Last year I had an accidental income on paper from something that didn’t have value but would cause me to owe $10K in back tax. My friend recommended Arnold and I’m so glad I contacted him. In a phone consultation he understood my situation and advised me exactly what to do which I had never thought of. I followed his advice and in the end I was able to have the reported income reduced, therefore not having to worry about the back tax. I appreciate his accessibility and expert knowledge. His advice saved me $10K but the peace of mind I got from one phone call and few emails is priceless. If I ever have any tax issues again Arnold is the one to contact and I highly recommend him with confidence.”

Yasko K.

“CONCLUSION: Would work with him again and recommend him to others as well!


1. Personal attention. He was taking calls even past regular business hours and meeting on agreed schedules.
2. Aggressive
3. Predicts and projects possible realistic outcomes

CONS: None.

I hired Arnold in two unrelated cases. He helped me through a very stressful experience and was unbelievably aggressive in his responses to the opposing side. One case revolved around having him counsel me through a bad business deal. He felt the other side was bullying me with their threats and calmed me throughout the process. Another case revolved around a tax issue he had expertise in and I am happy to say both cases turned out very satisfactorily.”

Beam U.

“Arnold was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reliable throughout my experience with him. I was faced with a tax issue following the passing of my husband and Arnold did nothing but help me through this very difficult time. He was extremely thorough and responsive to all my needs and overall made this process much more manageable than I could have ever asked for. As having limited knowledge as to where I would begin on how to resolve my issue, I needed someone to guide me step by step on what needed to be done and Arnold did just that. He was straightforward on what needed to be done, as well as successfully explaining everything to me in an easy to understand way.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with him. I felt like he had my best interest in mind throughout the entire duration of this process. I would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation!”

Sarah C.

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