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The Influence A Business Lawyer Can Have on Your Business

October 30, 2017

Whenever you are considering bringing on a business attorney for your small or mid-sized business, many thoughts and factors often play a role in this process. You may be someone who is already pretty familiar with what a business lawyer typically does for a business and the value they bring, or you may be someone who doesn’t quite know the difference between a business attorney and your everyday run of the mill injury attorney. That’s okay. The fact that you’re even considering onboarding legal counsel likely means that you either have an immediate need for one, or you see a… Read More

Benefits Of Hiring A Tax Lawyer

June 8, 2017

There are tremendous number of benefits when it comes to hiring tax lawyer. In fact the number of perks and the nature depends widely on several elements in Miami. These include the person’s income, marital status, geographical location and work. Here are some explored and researched facts when it comes to the benefits of hiring a public adjuster for your taxes. Moreover, young and novice tax payers have been taken into account while writing these benefits. For, they are unaware of the critical issues in most of the situations. The reason behind that is because they are young and overjoyed… Read More

Keeping Your Non-Profit Organization Tax Exempt Status

April 23, 2017

It is very much important to know about the functioning of an organisation, when you are aspiring to achieve a non-profit status for it.  There are key differences in running and creating a regular organisation if these differences are not maintained then the status of non-profit can be stripped off. Here are some steps and tips which can help you maintain the non-profit status of your organisation. Obey the corporate formalities. A non-profit organisation is also bound to follow the terms of the corporate law, and it must have a board of directors in charge of important policy decisions. There… Read More

Simple Facts About Green Cards In The Us

August 24, 2016

A permanent resident card commonly known as green card in the US is issued to foreign nationals by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. A green card authorizes the recipient to lawfully reside and engage in work inside the United States for an indefinite period of time. It is almost impossible to counterfeit a green card as it has holographic images and laser-engraved fingerprints. The earliest version of the permanent resident card was referred to as an alien registration receipt card which was first produced shortly after World War II. Who Is Eligible For A Green Card? The criteria… Read More

Why It Is A Good Idea To Stay Off Social Media When Involved In A Personal Injury Claim

July 19, 2016

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have become an inescapable part of everyday life. There are potentially billions of users worldwide who are now using social media sites either recreationally or professionally. Although your activity on social media may be an important aspect of your life, when you file a personal injury claim, you are trying to show that the defendant has caused you some type of physical, emotional or psychological harm. Insurance adjusters along with defense attorneys investigate all aspects of a personal injury claim with the aim of disproving the merits of that particular claim.… Read More

What Are Your Options After An Audit?

May 5, 2016

It was one of the worst experiences of your life. You were audited. You had to go into a Federal Building with all your books, records and receipts, and your livelihood, business and privacy was intruded upon. The IRS examiner may even have inspected your home if you have a home office. The examination was terrible, and now its done. Four weeks later, you receive a report in the mail saying you understated your tax liability by $24,000. The examiner does not believe that the office in your home is really used for business, or that your car and truck expenses were valid. What are… Read More

Presidential Candidates Tax Plans

April 26, 2016

Candidate tax plans don’t add up: Source:

Ex-US Tax Court Judge Indicted

April 26, 2016

Former U.S. Tax Court Judge Diane Kroupa and her husband were indicted on tax evasion charges. You can read all about it here: Source:

When Failure To File Your Tax Returns Go Really Bad: IRS Substitute For Returns

March 3, 2016

In the world of tax practice, variations of the following scenario are the most common reason why individuals or businesses end up owing the IRS more money than they can pay: John and Jane open a business. They spend all their hard work and effort establishing a business, building a client base, pumping money into the business and getting vendors. All their hard work pays off, and after 2 years their business is running well and at a profit. However, John and Jane realize that they were not filing tax returns during the past 2 years. Scared of the consequences of what… Read More

Feasible Accounting Services In E-Commerce

January 5, 2016

ECONOMICALLY feasible approach that the advantage of following the value (more verity) exceeds the charge of doing as such. Commerce business generally engaged in sale and purchase of various and amazing items and thus consequently exchanges are critical is such enterprise. ➢    The first-class way to control the accounting services or way to any accounting trouble of your e-commerce undertaking is an online accounting solution that consists of numerous software programs. ➢    Wave: With Wave, you may deal with accounting, payroll, invoicing and greater. You could have information mechanically imported from PayPal, Excel and plenty of different resources, and effortlessly… Read More

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