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At the Law Offices of Arnold van Dyk, our main focus is solving tax issues. We represent individuals as well as businesses in tax disputes and collection proceedings in front of the Internal Revenue Service, the California Franchise Tax Board, and Board of Equalization. Whatever your tax issue, our experienced and aggressive approach with tax agencies will benefit you.

We believe that there is a solution to every tax problem. When we represent our clients our main goals are to assess all available options, discuss best and worst case scenarios, and formulate a plan to achieve the best results possible. Whether you are dealing with a simple notice received from the IRS or complex tax litigation, we can help. We also serve as general counsel for small and large businesses alike. Whether your business is just starting…


Client Testimonials

  • “Arnold was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and reliable throughout my experience with him. I was faced with a tax issue following the passing of my husband and Arnold did nothing but...”

    Sarah C.
  • “Great Choice! Arnold gave me great advice, was patient and gave me step by step instructions on what to do. He was right on the dot & saved me so much time. Not only was he professional but, Arnold really...”

    Jennifer M.
  • “Arnold van Dyk helped me with tax matters that I was trying to handle on my own. He is knowledgeable, very well educated on the issue, and was able to assist me to get the best outcome for me based on...”

    A Satisfied Client
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Resolve Your IRS Problems

Explanations And Practical Solutions To Common Tax Issues.

Resolve Your IRS Problems

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